Full Spectrum UFO 135W LED Grow Lights For Plants  - $319.00 CAD Listing ID: 122453

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Full Spectrum UFO 135W LED Grow Lights For Plants

Benefits of UFO LED Grow Lights
Uses 90 watts of power that are more intense and result in faster growth rates than HID lights.
Does not produce any heat and will not burn your plants or cause excess evaporation.
All of the light is directed at the plants and the light that is emitted matches the spectrum of light necessary for photosynthesis.
Produces thicker vegetative growth, larger blooms, and increased yields over equivalent HID lights.
Aside from standard red/blue UFO Grow lights, many people prefer to use Tri-band LED grow lights. The benefit of using a 6-band Spectrum is that the plants absorb the key spectrum of red, blue, orange, white, IR, UV light. These lights are designed to provide key wavelengths for optimal growth at all stages.

Now, a new addition to the LED Grow Light team is the 6 Band LED Grow Light which offers a red, blue, orange, white, IR, UV spectrum.

To choose the correct LED grow light for your plant, you have to determine the needs of your hydroponic garden. Are you growing leafy, short plants or taller, flowering plants? What are the dimensions of your grow space? Would you prefer an all-in-one grow light solution or would you like your color panels separate to allow tweaking during specific stages?

Full spectrum: Red: 660nm + 630nm, Blue: 475nm + 430nm, Orange: 615nm, White: 4500k, Infrared, Ultraviolet

Toronto Ontario Canada