SKYKreation Bluetooth Essential Oil Diffuser 300ml  - $46.95 CAD Listing ID: 97278

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♬ SOUND THERAPY: A built-in wifi bluetooth speaker allows you to play your favorite music from your smartphone or tablet.

♬ AIR PURIFIER: The ultrasonic vibrations effect of the airhumidifier transforms water into a cool steam just like the smooth vapouraround a waterfall, counterbalancing dry heating air in winter and moisturizingyour skin. It also generates negative ions that help to freshen the air byremoving dust particles.

♬ AROMATHERAPY: With the addition of essential oils, this aromadiffuser creates a pleasant fragrance mist and a cozy indoor climate whileoffering therapeutic benefits that are released naturally from the healing oilsof eucalyptus, lavender, jasmine, peppermint, rosemary or any of your favouriteessential oils.

♬ LIGHT THERAPY: A romantic play of 7 dimmable and adjustablewarm color LED mood lights to create a sweet ambiance at bedtime. You can setyour preferred color of lighting or enjoy the automatic color display of green,pink, red, blue, yellow, purple and white LED light that helps to lift mood andrelieve stress.

♬ SLEEPING AID: Imagine relaxing in a room that has the freshair of a waterfall, the healing scent of nature, the soft calming ambient musicand a cozy atmosphere created by changing lights!